Molly and Digby’s house

molly and digby at home in thornbury

Molly and Digby’s house

I am going to miss these doglets so much when I go home tomorrow.

There are going to be lots of things to miss about Molly, Digby and their Mum’s house in Thornbury.

The morning walks feel so invigorating. Hanging washing in a big, leafy garden. The feeling of the sunshine on my dried clothes. An appetite that feels healthy and wholesome.

And toy poodles are such a lovely breed. I will miss our cuddles and the affectionate way that they engage with me.

They have so much personality that I find myself thinking of them when I am out at work during the day.

Their Mum told me before she left that she hoped I knew I am her dog person now. For freaking sure! It is a lovely vibe. And I could soak up the love in Molly’s eyes and her sweet wagging excitement forever.

Beautiful doggies. ((Hugs))

My thoughts have been very fertile and productive here. The real test will be going back to my walkable, cultural inner-city abode.

Did you know that people who have animals as pets live longer? It is a trade-off that I am willing to consider a little!

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