Brunetti’s – Flinders Lane Melbourne

some of brunetti's delicious cakes

Brunetti’s – Flinders Lane Melbourne

4 pm on a Wednesday is probably not the BEST time of day to get a sugar hit. However, it was my client’s birthday and this was my idea of a treat.

It certainly was that. We sat in the covered forecourt of the shop, surrounded by vines, climbing up the trellis facing the street and in front of Art Deco curvilinear windows and we ate cake and drank tea and chatted about plans for the next year and favourite things from the ones just gone.

Brunetti’s in Flinders Lane was playing some very fun music, from upbeat lounge pop to Italo Neopolitan to electronica.

I gave my client a National Geographic Travel magazine because talking about travel is when she lights up the most. I had considered a garden magazine, but I thought it might be frustrating because of the lack of opportunities for practical application in the city.

And then we browsed in some shops and caught the free tram home. It was a nice kind of energy shift to the day. Something a bit glamorous for a special day. 🙂

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