MICF 2024 – April laughs

MICF 2024 – April laughs

I spent nearly $200 on Comedy Festival tickets tonight. It sounds like a lot but eff it!! Comedy is the best. It is healthy and it feels good and I find that the more I read and watch comedy the more my sense of humour evolves.

I know it is hard to pick a ‘best’ time to be in Melbourne because there is always something to do but March and April might be when Melbourne brings its brightest. The French Film Festival and then the Melbourne International Comedy Festival back to back. It is a feast of culture.

The line up for the Comedy Festival is so extensive that it is hard to choose a handful of acts to see during the month. I tend to like to see artists who I am familiar with on some level as opposed to using the festival to explore, which means that I need to go to lots of shows during the year when our Melbourne comedians are road testing their stuff, in order to find new favourites.

This year I have three spots left to potentially fill with a new show and so I will need to do my research, perhaps.

Geraldine Quinn was great on the weekend and Promotix is a great, low cost way to find new talent.

If you are in Melbourne or coming for the festival I hope you have a great time. I am getting ready to laugh my arse off!!

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