af French Film Festival – Iris and the men

iris and the men - alliance francais french film festival

af French Film Festival – Iris and the men

Weekends are always so fun when the French Film Festival is on. Working our way through the films is a wonderful way to celebrate the start of the cooler months in Melbourne. On Saturday I saw Iris and the men. It was a fantastic tale of sexual empowerment.

Iris is in a sexless relationship with her husband until a well-meaning stranger suggests she takes a lover. Ever curious, Iris downloads a dating app and begins to explore the attention of men who find her attractive. She meets one of these men, and the encounter leads to a novel sexual experience.

Iris begins to feel desired. She began to feel attractive in a way her husband did not make her feel. And yet she is committed to her relationship with him. She continues to meet with men for the sole purpose of sex.

At some point during the film and somewhat confusingly because a reason for the change was not articulated, the spark comes back into the couple’s marriage.

As a story about the power of sexual exploration, it was truly inspiring.

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