Wicked Little Letters

wicked little letters

Wicked Little Letters

It was great to see Wicked Little Letters at the Moonlight Cinema last night.

We laughed our arses off. It is a great British comedy, with a compelling story, fantastic acting and a clever message.

Olivia Colman was brilliant as Edith Swan. And Anjana Vasan played a wonderfully expressive police officer in the case of The Wicked Little Letters.

The movie originally played in Australia as part of the British Film Festival.

As always it was lovely to enjoy a movie in the Botanical Gardens at the Moonlight Cinema. We had Connoisseur Lounge tickets, which meant that all five of us could snuggle under our blankets on the comfy bean lounge chairs in a row. It felt a little like camping! 😛

The best thing was the film though. Such a good laugh.

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