Counting down the Hottest 100 live – what a day!!

hottest 100 2023 - green mimosas

Counting down the Hottest 100 live – what a day!!

Happy Hottest 100 day!!

I am so excited that my number one song Cool About It by boygenius got in at number 98. I have a feeling we might see at least one other entry from boygenius.

It was also nice to hear Maisie Peters at number 100. I do like that song, but it wasn’t on my shortlist, so I have just added it! Sounds like her album might be worth a listen. I know her and Gretta Ray tour together, so I can imagine it might be quite good.

This song is fun! Boys Light Up – Chillinit. I have never heard it before, but I love it! That is one thing I love about this ritual every year – finding new music!

Unfortunately, sometimes you have to chew through some songs that aren’t as palatable, but this is where mindfulness helps.

Thrills and spills

That is funny about Kylie Minogue’s entry! 27 years between entries. She last got it in 1997! And that is as it should be, perhaps – one of the people I talked to in the cool wholefoods shop today said she thought it had become a bit ‘commercial’ maybe.

I love the talking, ad and stats snippets. They have been very fun so far.

15- I am starting to think that the songs I thought might be popular aren’t going to even get a mention! It is so unusual, and so many of the songs in this top 20 or so, I am quite unfamiliar with! I must be completely out of touch! 😉

Party time

I have come back to my green Mimosas (after a couple of quiet beers, hehe) and I am feeling fine!

1 – And there we have it! Doja Cat – Paint the Town Red. I think it is the second time I have voted for number 1.

What fun!

What a great day for music lovers all over Australia.

I love the fact that it is the first woman of colour to take number 1, and there seemed to be a lot of women in the countdown generally,

Now it is time to party!

Hope you loved it.

Here is my finished playlist:

That is 2023 done, as far as I am concerned! What an absolutely fantastic year 😀

Thanks for sharing your ears Australia – the world’s biggest musical democracy! 🙂

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