Kyneton day trip – foodie adventures

Kyneton day trip – foodie adventures

It seems like a fun day for an adventure. My friends and I are taking a day trip out to Kyneton today. I am at the train station with a coffee waiting for the train to pull up at the station and take me awayyyyy.

It can’t be overstated how much I love going out into the world on a train. So, today should be fun. I get such a buzz from watching the world go by from the window. The rail corridors are always so picturesque. They make me remember again how much I love this city.

It seems like a funky little town. After a nice lunch at the Kyneton Hotel, we wandered down Piper Street past a lovely collection of interesting shops, and buildings to a gin distillery, called Animus. We are drinking various combinations of gin. Negronis, a gin paddle and I am having a zesty, fruity cocktail.l

It has us gliding into the afternoon. After the distillery, we stepped out in the sunshine and walked back to a bar we saw on the way from the station that had live music on Sunday afternoons. The music wasn’t so great, so we sat inside but their coffee and desserts were tasty and we played a couple of games of Uno Flip, while we imbibed the atmosphere and our drinks at The Albion Hotel.

From there, it was a nice walk back to the station. Maybe a km away. The train trip only takes just over an hour so it is an easy trip.

Nice place to visit

For a very small town of population 5118 (2022), Kyneton has quite a lot of personality. The beautiful plant-filled gin distillery is a drawcard, but there are a few different high streets in Kyneton, each with quite interesting shops, cafes restaurants, museums, places of work and residences. We decided on a few different places we would try the next time we visited. The mandarin negroni is on our list as well as eating at the Fook Sing, browsing in the shops and galleries and exploring a few different streets.

It was a fun day trip that we had been wanting to do for a little while. A lovely day with beautiful people. 🙂

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