Wrapping up a lovely weekend adventure with friends

Wrapping up a lovely weekend adventure with friends

What a fun weekend! I am pretty sure our friend had a good birthday weekend and actually I think everyone had fun, We had a great house a stone’s throw away from the beach and the festival was f.u.n. Aloe Blacc was definitely a highlight last night. All around goodness.

I am feeling quite fragile today, I have to say. I think my neurochemistry couldn’t quite keep up with 10:45 am mimosas yesterday morning!

But the sea air and a delicious, healthy breakfast did a very good job on my soul this morning.

Queenscliff Music Festival is a nice one. Very chilled out and really accessible too. It was so cool to see all the wheelchair viewing platforms and Auslan interpreters signing at some of the bigger bands.

This trip also made me realise how fun it can be to go away with friends. It is not like I needed to be in their pockets the whole time and I felt zero urge to escape. Even sharing a room of bunks with two other people was fine.
It was just a lovely weekend and I think my friend knows how much we appreciate her.

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