The Cat Empire live at the Forum

the cat empire tour 2023

The Cat Empire live at the Forum

Some bands just bring happiness no matter where they go. And I was lucky enough to see The Cat Empire live tonight. They definitely bring the party. It was an intensely joyful experience.

They opened with Thunder Rumbles, after making an entrance through the Forum audience doors at the back of the room in a procession, stopping to jam on their drums in the middle of the crowd in the mosh pit. It was quite the entrance!

Although their band has changed its composition in the past year, their latest album is a testament to the talent of the new lineup and I actually find it more consistently brilliant than some of their recent albums before this. These seemed to have one or two great songs on each album and the rest were a little underwhelming. So, I feel like they have found their groove with the new lineup.

It is a bit disconcerting to hear Felix Riebl sing some of their most popular songs from the early 2000s. The vocalist who originally sang these songs (Andy??) brought so much personality to the music. But perhaps there is a first time for everything and I won’t be so disappointed next time.

Great live band

it makes me realise how crazy it is that I haven’t seen the Cat Empire live yet (apart from briefly at the St Kilda Festival). What have I been doing with my time? I guess part of it was that tickets to the previous lineup were quite pricey. I should have shelled out for them though. It would have been an experience of a lifetime. These tickets were only $80, which was a steal and we snapped them up without any hesitation. It was such a lovely concert. They played for about 2 hours. Maybe 2 hours and 15 minutes. But it was always entertaining.

It is so cool that Ollie and Felix, those two school day friends have been making music together for all this time, and as two of the three founding members of The Cat Empire, have collaborated through the entire 20 years of the Cat Empire band.

Hearing Felix talk about the passing of his younger brother Max, gave the song ‘Be With You Again’ so much meaning. It was a very heart rendering moment.

I think that seeing The Cat Empire live is going to make my experience of listening to their music even more meaningful. I have loved them for such a long time, and have been such a die-hard fan. It is nice to finally see them play live.

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