Friday night in Fitzroy- for dessert and cocktails

Friday night in Fitzroy- for dessert and cocktails

If there is one thing I love MOST about living in this beautiful city, is that if you feel so inclined, at pretty much any time of the day, late afternoon, evening or whenever, you can step out and find an adventure.

I know that I am lucky, because I live with walking distance of Brunswick St in Fitzroy and it is a very vibrant place to explore on a spring evening.

I am drinking a pot of Earl Grey tea at Twisted Dessert Bar, after the most intensely delicious dessert at Boys and Girls, next to the Veggie Bar.

It makes me so happy. It makes me feel excited about my life and my beautiful home city. I can understand why so many people who are born in Melbourne never leave (permanently). It is the best!!

of course, it is Friday night and I feel like a bit of a nerd sitting here drinking my tea when everyone around me is drinking raspberry and espresso martini’s! But, hey!? Choose your poison!

I can even sit here in my favourite window seat and listen to my favourite music, because their piped music is not so overwhelming.

Now, I just have to get home, safely! Hopefully I will be okay. 🙂 Is Bif out on the streets tonight!?

I am certainly incredibly hydrated after a huge pot of tea and a quarter of a big bottle of water!

I love the atmosphere of this place. Everyone is so animated. It is lovely 🙂


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