Festival Mondays on the far south coast

festival monday

Festival Mondays on the far south coast

I am not going to lie. Melbourne feels like a million miles away right now. Nearly two weeks later, after a massive three-day festival, with some beautiful trips to the beach in between, this moment in my life is definitely located here.

The only thing is that where I really want to be right now is sitting outside under a tree drinking low alcohol drinks and listening to music!

Maybe I will grab a beer in a few, and sit with a view of the garden in the breeze, listen to music and drink something. It is nearly 3 pm after all!

Wanderer was so nice. And it was a good one to dip my toes back into the festival calendar. Very chill. And very civilised. Clean toilets, short lines for drinks and food. And a great transport system.

I feel like I got my head around how it all works (again), so I am looking forward to the next one, which is in Queenscliff for a friend’s birthday.

Long weekend Monday has me pressing play on a new festival playlist. I have no idea what it will be like! But I love a festival playlist 🙂 I am looking forward to finding some new favourites! I get the feeling it is a bit of a different flavour of music, but that is fine. It feels like music isn’t the only thing about festivals (although, I guess it is the main thing!!) Vera Blue and JAZZPARTY seem to be on the bill. And so far that is a good start. I hope there will be a little more opportunities for dancing.

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