The Pinnacles Loop Walking Track Eden

Filtered view of the Pinnacles Eden on a bushwalk (The Pinnacles Loop Walking Track) with mum - you can see the back of my mum and trees filtering view of the pinnacles in the background

The Pinnacles Loop Walking Track Eden

It seems to me that the main activities on offer on the Sapphire Coast are engaging with the natural environment. It can be challenging to get excited about the cultural opportunities on the coast, it is true. But going on an adventure to a walking destination provides an alternative kind of enjoyment. We went to the Pinnacles Loop Walking Track, just north of Eden this morning to go on the bush walk there.

It is a short, easy walk with a few satisfying steps. And incredible views of sedimentary rock formations formed more than 25 million years ago. It also looks out onto the beautiful, brilliant blue ocean typical of the Sapphire Coast and the Pinnacles Eden beaches.

As one of a few different and popular walks in the area, it is one of the most easily accessed. I came away from it feeling like I had soaked up some of the beautiful, calm energy of the forest. So serene and invigorating.

Please note that this walk is not accessible. There are a number of steps towards the end of the loop that would not be accessible to people with movement or mobility concerns.

History of the Pinnacles Eden

In terms of geoheritage, the Pinnacles were formed during the Paleogene period, between 30 and 23 million years ago. Deposits of soft sandstone and gravel stone occurred in steams in the Long Beach formation. These have eroded over time to form gullies, which we can see from the loop walk lookouts now. The red colour of the stone at the top of the Pinnacles is iron oxide (rust) produced by the weathering of rock in periods alternating between warm, humid conditions and periods of dryness. The white sediment below marks the level of an ancient water table.

Although the loop walk itself only takes half an hour or so, there are other spots to explore in the area, such as another lookout and the Pinnacles Eden beach. The drive to the Pinnacles Eden is also quite picturesque.

How to get to the Pinnacles Loop Walking Track?

The Pinnacles Loop Walking Track can be accessed off Haycock’s Road in what used to be Ben Boyd National Park and is now Beowa National Park – accessed on the Princes Highway north of Eden.

The whole experience makes me want to explore other walks in the area. A friend recently suggested meeting up on the coast for a hike. That might be very nice indeed! There seem to be a few three day or more walks in the area that look interesting.

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