Chasing the sun

Chasing the sun

If there was ever a day to sit and bask in the sun, September 2 might just be my day to do it!
I have been chasing the sun all morning. And now I am soaking it up in a park on Gertrude Street, between the social housing towers. It is gorgeous!

I am getting into my birthday slowly. A friend cancelled brunch (he wasn’t feeling so good), but it is all good! I am happy to doodle around today, following my nose (and my tummy), until I go to a party later on.

We are blessed with such a gorgeous sunshiny day in Melbourne today. People (and their dogs and their little ones), are LOVING it!

One spirited dog is barking at a tree, hehe. Just before he was swinging on the branch with his mouth! 😮 His owners are trying to call him over to them and he just went over. Thank goodness! It has been an interesting day of people watching so far.

I am thinking I might walk down Brunswick St for some lunch at some point. It feels like the kind of day to have a glass of wine with lunch 🙂

I finally stepped into About Space to check out their lights. I am in the market for (at least) two. But they didn’t have anything I liked. And I am wondering if maybe i should make my own house lights. I still like the lamps I made!

Anyway, I am feeling the love from my friends and family today. Thank you! (Prayer hands emoji)

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