Collingwood winter night walk

collingwood winter night walk - art collage

Collingwood winter night walk

It was such a lovely adventure to see my suburb through new eyes last night. I was searching for a cup of tea, or dessert at 9 pm. As I walked up Smith Street, past all the vibrant bars, that were selling lovely sips of alcohol, I noticed that the expensive restaurant (Smith Street Bistrot) had a coffee machine. And so I dared to go inside and enquire as to the possibility of a cup of tea. They were happy to oblige, and so my winter night walk had begun!

Smith Street in Collingwood is filled with beautiful objects of light, nature and art on a winter night walk. I enjoyed soaking my senses in the flowers in the window of the forest, the signage in the private bar that I have never seen operating, and a beautiful plant at Grandfather’s Axe on the way home.

Even after living here for eight years, this suburb continues to surprise and delight me. A spontaneous winter night walk allowed me to see the best side of this beautiful suburb at night.

Collingwood I love you.

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