What to do in Canberra? Things to do in Canberra

what to do in canberra? go to the art gallery! things to do in canberra

What to do in Canberra? Things to do in Canberra

People sometimes give Canberra a bad rap, but I recently got back from a great holiday there. What to do in Canberra? It can be fun if you have some friends or family to go out to one of the many bustling restaurants in the City Centre or Braddon. Go there on a Friday or Saturday night and the atmosphere is absolutely electric. If you are not too fussy it can be fun to find nice things to do in Canberra.

I stayed in an Airbnb (Janet’s Tiny House) while I was there, and hired a car from Uber Car Share. This was cheaper than the airport rentals by a couple of hundred dollars. And it was quite an adventure trekking into the city from the airport to pick up my car. I caught a bus, which left from pretty much right outside the airport and took me to the city in 30 minutes for $5. I also used the same ticket to catch a tram out of the city centre and up to the north of Braddon to pick up my car. I suppose that I am easily pleased, but it was a fun adventure for someone who loves public transport.

I mentioned Airbnb because after I had booked they offered some experiences on the platform, which were some interesting things to do in Canberra. One was an experience with donkeys, and the other was a bar tour starting in the bustling suburb of Braddon. Check out Airbnb for recent listings.

During my stay, I went to Tilley’s in O’Connor. It is so amazing that this bar/restaurant has lasted so long. It is a bit of an institution in Canberra, for sure!

It is fun to drive around on their easy-to-navigate and pretty stress-free roads, even out to distant toy-town suburbs, and across the border.

They have a couple of nice movie theatres, so a movie could be a good idea, and some nice pools for swimming in when it is warm. One of the things I loved to do in Canberra was simply walking. So many of the suburbs are very leafy and most accommodation is a good walk away from the local activity centres. So, walking through the natural spaces and along the leafy streets can be pleasant, if somewhat boring. It is true that when I returned home, all my commutes within Melbourne felt so much quicker and more interesting. It seems to take ages to get anywhere in Canberra. Even though, for the people who live there, anything over a 20 minutes drive is a drag.

It was so nice to spend a Sunday lunchtime on the foreshore of Lake Burley Griffin in a little cafe on the grass, under some trees with school friends. I was one of the people who left Canberra when I graduated, and my friends did too, mostly, but some came back. And that weekend, I could see the appeal. If you are socially connected, there seem to be lots of lovely opportunities for social gatherings. And Jimmy is right. It is clean. It does feel good, actually, to be in spaces that are so clean.

Here’s what Jimmy Rees Border Control thinks of Canberra, hehe.

It is a peaceful, and yet vibrant place I feel. Happy to be home – don’t get me wrong. But for a weekend? It can be nice.

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