AFL Grand final 2022 at Bobbie Peels – north melbourne

playing jenga at bobby peels as 2022 afl grand final plays on

AFL Grand final 2022 at Bobbie Peels – north melbourne

Beautiful day for it! We forgoed an Alice in Wonderland mystery game in Brighton to go to Bobbie Peels in North Melbourne to watch the AFL Grand Final 2022. It was the perfect afternoon!

I would really recommend the kitchen at Bobbie Peels. I had the mushroom and spinach lasagne, and it was exquisitely produced. So rich and yet so healthy with lots of tender mushrooms, tomato sugo and yummy spinach. The other meals looked just as yummy. And they were generous.

We started with sour beers that tasted like passionfruit, and they were a lovely accompaniment to a beautiful sunny day for the 2022 AFL Grand Final between Geelong and the Sydney Swans.

The game was a bit of an avalanche of domination by the Geelong Cats. By half time the score was 62 to 26, and it didn’t seem as though they would come back from that. In the end, they were more than 80 points ahead of the Sydney Swans. And I was so happy to see them win. Even if we didn’t watch all that much of the game.

afl grand final 2022 - geelong premieres

We were playing Uno Flip and Jenga. Uno is always fun and I had never played Jenga before! But it was such good fun with a couple of drinks to try and pull all the pieces out of the stack of blocks. We had a lark of a time at Bobbie Peels on this lovely Grand Final Day.

Best company, best venue, best food, best entertainment. Hooray for the AFL Grand Final 2022. What fun!

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