Sister of soul St Kilda – adventures

sister of soul st kilda

Sister of soul St Kilda – adventures

I am in St Kilda, Australia drinking overpriced soda and bitters in a nice beer garden with intermittent water mist being pumped out in the heat of the afternoon.
Boxing Day is traditionally a hangover day, so I believe, but since I didn’t overindulge yesterday, I was ready to put my party feet on today. The vibe in St Kilda is definitely festive. There are lots of people spilling out onto the streets in bars and restaurants. And then there is the seedy contingent with the sunburn and jittery, shaky rum and coke. I came to St Kilda to visit Sister of Soul. They are a vegan/vegetarian restaurant located on the corner of Shakespeare Grove and Acland Street. And as is customary in Melbourne this summer, their outdoor space has been expanded into the surrounding car parking area to provide a beautiful space for outdoor eating.

sister of soul st kilda outdoor eating area

I was craving their vegetarian spaghetti bolognaise. And it didn’t disappoint.

sister of soul st kilda raw spaghetti bolognaise

I am pretty sure that Sister of Soul’s spaghetti bolognaise is actually made from raw ingredients as WELL as being vegetarian. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this means the meal was insipid or boring. The sundried tomatoes, basil and a slight hint of chilli burst out of this dish in a culinary explosion. The texture of the dish was all the comfort of a traditional spaghetti dish, but no meat!

And I feel that Sister of Soul’s intentions are good. On a sign outside their restaurant are the words: ‘Freedom is the right of all sentient beings’. – Optimus Prime – Transformers

sister of soul st kilda vegetarian cafe frontage

They have a really extensive raw, vegan and vegetarian menu. It is the perfect dinner venue for a twinkling night beachside. They do take some bookings, but part of their space is for walk-ins as well. They said that it is easier to seat smaller groups.

sister of soul st kilda menu

Sister of the Soul St Kilda is the perfect venue for a healthy beachside meal. And why not go travelling in your own city? Going to St Kilda is kinda like travelling to Sydney in some ways. The architecture is similar to those beachside Sydney suburbs and frangipanis and lush plants line the streets. It is definitely a party town, but it can be a nice getaway for an afternoon or even a weekend sojourn during the summer holidays. If you are visiting St Kilda from other parts of Australia or the world, Sister of Soul is highly recommended as a great restaurant to check out!

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