Goldy’s X Toasta

toasta and goldy's 66 gold street 3066

Goldy’s X Toasta

There is something exciting happening in the streets nearby my neck of the woods. Just recently a new pub opened up. It is called Goldy’s, and I haven’t been in yet, but they have a whole stack of outdoor seating on the street (in place of carparking – whose brilliant idea was that?! No doubt it really helps to improve the viability of businesses in Melbourne. And it provides such a wonderful ATMOSPHERE in our streets!

So Goldy’s is born, and it’s little niece perhaps TOASTA make delicious toasted sandwiches among other things (and coffee), within the same building.

I haven’t been inside yet, but my street is planning to go, so maybe I will see it this weekend!


Local neighbours in the hood.

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