The Prudence Hotel – first stop out of lockdown

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The Prudence Hotel – first stop out of lockdown

First weekend out of lockdown. The excitement is palpable. All through the streets in Melbourne, people are buzzing. The streets are alive and vibrant. Come out everyone! We had our first drink out of lockdown at the Prudence Hotel in North Melbourne. It is a lovely little pub, with a fantastic atmosphere, comfortable spaces and a decadent cocktail list.

Their name may be a bit tongue in cheek. They don’t seem like the sort of establishment to be cautious, frugal, or discrete, as their name would suggest. It was a big atmosphere inside the pub on the first Saturday out of lockdown. Their intimate and comfortable spaces seem more like the kinds of places that hold secrets, and allow people to tell tall stories and tales. The Prudence Hotel has a tasty lager on tap, and it is tempting to get ever more toasted with beer and cocktails as the afternoon wears on.

The history of the Prudence Hotel is interesting too. It was originally a record store, and the warmth of the spaces is a testament to that. They also had a fire in the beer garden a couple of years ago. And it has therefore been renovated. It still reflects the warmth of the venue with wooden rafters and pew seating. This might be a little uncomfortable for hours drinking with friends but does seen apt for their branding, and no one in the beer garden seemed to be too uncomfortable.

We sat for hours in a little comfortable space at the bottom of the stairs. It is a popular pub and because it was Halloween, lots of people were dressed up in costumes, making the afternoon even more eventful.

If you are looking for a nice spot for a drink near the Queen Victoria Markets you might enjoy Prudence. It is close enough for an afternoon sojourn after a spot of shopping, or close enough to walk in (in the company of the most amazing view of the city into the Melbourne CBD).

An atmospheric space to be merry and it will take good care of your secrets – the Prudence Hotel – North Melbourne.

Twinkling chandeliers at the Prudence Hotel
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