Aretha – Dub a Little Prayer (Jayo edit)

aretha franklin - dub a little prayer (jayo edit)

Aretha – Dub a Little Prayer (Jayo edit)

It’s the weekend!! 😀 Hooray 🙂

Have you found any good music lately? I am listening to a compilation of edits, mash-ups and remixes from the That’s Not An Edit crew. I found it through one of the contributors to the album – Jayo. He has done a fantastic edit of an Aretha Franklin hit called – Dub a Little Prayer. It is really good stuff!

Listening to new music is a great way to spend a Friday evening. Maybe I will even find some new artists to follow! It is definitely a little bit high energy, this compilation, at least in the beginning. Maybe something for when you want to cut loose a little!

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