Riverboats Music Festival 2020

riverboats music festival echuca

Riverboats Music Festival 2020

I think the thing that struck me about the Riverboats Music Festival in Echuca over the past weekend was how organised it was. There was ample shade from beautiful big gum trees and umbrellas as well as lots of seating that could be rearranged to suit guest’s needs.

Perhaps because guests were allowed to bring in picnics, the queues at the food tents were short. And even though people weren’t allowed to bring their own alcohol, in my experience the queues to the bars and the toilets were fine too.

We put our hands up to volunteer in return for a festival pass, and this was a great way to be able to drop in and out of the festival over the three days.

If I had one criticism it would be that the music lineup was not overly inspiring. It was still nice though. Just nothing that I could get particularly excited about.

The nicest experience, in my opinion, was the paddle boat sideshows on the Murray. We went on two of these and it was amazing to sit upstairs and watch the Murray go by.

I had a really good time. Mostly because of the company and the fun it was to adventure somewhere and see something of the world. The festival was also a lovely environment. It was a great weekend. Would I do it again? Definitely!

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