Triple J Hottest 100 – 2019

hottest 100 triple j 2019

Triple J Hottest 100 – 2019

Improved musical literacy did provide something of an advantage come the Triple J Hottest 100 though. Voting was easier this year. It was easy to identify the songs that I loved from the list provided. I voted early and was gutted to find that Oscar Wilde by The Cat Empire was not on the list. I still wonder what happened there. Did they really not make enough votes to make even the top 200? Or was the song never included? This will remain a mystery.

The Hottest 100 counted down on Saturday, January the 25th. Early on, some of my top ten songs were included, such as Sampa the Great – Final Form and Talk Deep by E^ST. I felt more musically literate all round this year, with fewer songs being a surprise and fewer artists standing out as new ones to follow.

All in all, it was a great countdown. 65 of the Hottest 100 artists were Australian, which goes to show how far we have come and for the first time ever a solo woman was voted in as number one. Okay, so she was American, but still (youngest ever). Triple J has been criticised in the past for not including as many women in its playlists. Not this year. G Flip, Thelma Plum, Tones and I, Mallrat and Billie Eilish were all in heavy rotation this year. At least on my sound system, and I think on the Triple J airwaves as well.

Thelma Plum broke a record with her song ‘Better in Blak’ coming in at number 9. This is the highest song of an Indigenous artist so far, and she hoped the record would be broken again soon.

Six of my top ten got into the Hottest 100 and eight artists of my top ten got in. I voted for Basenji – Perfect Blue (Ft. Erthlings) when Nobody (Ft Mallrat) got in, and Post Malone – Goodbyes when Circles got in.

It would have been more fun to be at a Triple J Hottest 100 party, but there would be more distractions I guess. I was pretty distracted anyway. I might consider hosting a party next year, but we will see.

I think Billie Eilish – Bad Guy definitely deserved to get number one. It was definitely one of the defining hits of the year. I voted for it too, and although I kinda wish that Tones and I got a number one, perhaps, cuttingly, her songs were not quite as memorable as that song.

Well done to all. What an amazing countdown!

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