Amber Mark – talent, heart, and soul

amber mark 3:33 am - monsoon beautiful soulful sad music

Amber Mark – talent, heart, and soul

I am not sure when exactly the music of Amber Mark crossed my radar. As it can be with Spotify, it can be like listening to a jungle of tunes sometimes, and it can take some time to identify one particular artist or to explore more.

The song that was on my saved songs list, quite a way down by the time I visited her artist page is Monsoon. It is the perfect song for grief. Maybe even the grief of ‘catastrophic’ weather conditions throughout many parts of Australia today, although apter for the loss of a loved one.

Such a beautiful song that touches my soul every time I listen to it. It is pulled from a gorgeous EP called 3:33 am.

Since finding this song Amber Mark pops up in my musical feed more often. I thought of her just now, because she was in my ‘Discover’ playlist and I recognised her soulful and beautiful sounds. She has quite a catalogue of really gorgeous, soulful, beautiful tunes. I hope you enjoy her music!

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