Jude Perl and the Saga of Sugar Hope Records

jude perl and the saga of sugar hope records

Jude Perl and the Saga of Sugar Hope Records

Jude Perl is very funny. ๐Ÿ™‚ We saw her the other night in one of her ‘Jude Perl and the Saga of Sugar Hope Records‘ shows at Gasworks in Albert Park. It was a special show because it showed a sneak peek of footage from a feature length film that will be released ‘in a little while man!’

The film looks like a lot of fun. And the format of the show, switching back between excerpts of the film and Jude performing tunes on stage was really engaging and interesting.

I really feel that Jude is an extremely talented musician. I don’t think I will ever grow tired of the song that I call ‘Flies’, but I am not sure what it is actually called. It is the most intoxicating mix of bittersweet tunes with hilarious metaphors and silly storylines. It is definitely my favourite of her songs so far. So much material, so little time!

Her subtle comments on the human condition and modern society are insightful and witty. She used some of the ads that she shot in previous years for the company Sugar O’s as breaks from the drama of the one hour show. If you can imagine the hilarity of an incredibly awkward first date, standing on a bridge eating ice cream and shoving it in each otherโ€™s faces in this kinda cute, kind of passive aggressive way. You have to see it! She is so funny.

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