Beautiful, lush, scary, suffocated Sydney

Beautiful, lush, scary, suffocated Sydney

It is interesting to travel. It really does expand my perspective. And I should do it more, I think because I suspect that it helps build adaptability and goodness knows we all need that. Sydney is only 1000 km away (or so), but it feels like it is a completely different country! This is amazing in itself. To think that even in a country as young as Australia, different cultures are developing across state lines and in different sized towns and cities.

A lot of the differences that I notice in Sydney as opposed to Melbourne is environmental, or structural. I get the sense that the airways of the city are strangulated with cars and other vehiciles. Getting anywhere certainly feels impossible, or at least would make the calmest person feel irritable. I don’t want to talk about the public transport situation too much because it will make me want to cry, but I have noticed road rage and aggression on these streets, or else a population of people with their noses in their phones, who are burying their heads in the sand.

The sounds of happy reggae music are a reminder of a culture that was fun and relaxed and happy. Sydney will always have a special place in my heart. It is lush, with verdant, tropical growth and plants, which creates a very nice visual atmosphere and does make the streets feel more livable.

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