Love and the moon – Scienceworks

moon sculpture in light with band equipment in red light beneath

Love and the moon – Scienceworks

I wish you guys were at the amazing Love and the Moon event at Scienceworks last night! I think you would have loved it!

What the website fails to mention I think is this whole amazing exhibition upstairs that completely blew me and Bella’s minds. To be true, the huge model of the moon (on the ground floor), so lit that we could see all the craters and interesting textures on the surface was amazing! I could hardly draw myself away from it. It made me think that maybe us humans have a natural pull towards the moon and love being close to it. Maybe that is why some of us have such a fascination with lights and light art. Maybe it is just some evolutionary throwback to a deep love and need for moonlight.

We were a little underwhelmed with what was happening downstairs. Given, there was some lunar VR, and also some other spaceship VR. The lunar VR is something I definitely want to check out. It will be at Scienceworks until the end of April. It was sold out tonight, but apparently participants can experience what it was like to walk on the moon with astronauts! I have never experienced VR before, but I think this is where I might start.

We didn’t end up lining up for the spaceship VR, and we went upstairs instead. I have one word for that exhibition and that is WOW! I can’t even really express how all that light and sound art and intensely interesting education about space, the solar system, sound, light and travel delighted and inspired me. I hope to share some videos on YouTube and social media in the next few days. I have never been so excited about science, light art, sound and astronomy!

We drank love potion cocktails with sparkling wine, brandy, bitters and strawberries and there was even a jazz band playing moon inspired music in front of that beautiful orb (pictured). Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to check out the telescopes, looking at the night sky, but apparently these do get wheeled out for special events, so hopefully we will go again.

How was your Valentines Day? Did you have fun? Much love to you and yours!

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