Sammy J and friends – Butterfly Club

Sammy J singing at the Butterfly Club with a lamp

Sammy J and friends – Butterfly Club

Sammy J’s musical comedy show was being filmed / recorded for an album last night. I hope they are happy with the results. I thought that Sammy J and his friends were very funny. The night started off with the effervescent Jude Perl, who completely lit up the stage with her song about what we hope for our future selves, and the inner child inside. She is hilarious.

I was not familiar with Sammy J’s material, but the other people in my group were all acquainted with his particular brand of satirical, musical comedy. It was really fun. I laughed a lot! Except for the one song about the dead man in the park. Have you ever had that experience when the whole room is laughing their arses off about something, and actually you are sitting there with tears streaming down your face? It happened to me last night!

Sammy J was joined by a cellist, a guitarist and of course Jude Perl. I thought it was funny that he suggested that having kids was like saying ‘seeya later (to your friends) for 17, (or was that 70?) years of your life, haha. The song that Sammy J had composed for his daughter’s future 18th birthday was freshly created, within the past day or so. I could see what he was trying to do with that song. Or at least, I interpreted it as an interesting comment on parenting, but it was so new that song. It was the only piece that didn’t hit the mark with me.

The rest of the show was funny and endearing. It played at the Butterfly Club in Melbourne City, and I was so happy for the last minute opportunity to see this show, which played Feb 1 and 2, 2019.

It really was a beautiful night outside. Hot when we got to the club, but cooling down a bit as we left and went into the night. 🙂

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