The land we stand on – Aboriginal land

The land we stand on – Aboriginal land

It is Australia Day, apparently. However, the message has changed from ‘change the date’ to ‘abolish Australia Day all together.’

It really does seem fair enough. ‘Sovereignty was never ceded’. ‘Indigenous Australians were here for 60,000 years, compared to the 231 years of Colonial Australians.’

I dare say multiculturalism is a positive thing and helps us learn to be more tolerant of diversity in society.

I can see a sea of people who care very deeply about Indigenous rights in Australia. They are chanting ‘no pride in genocide’. Further back we were chanting ‘always was, always will be Aboriginal land.’

This is maybe 60,000 people or more, peacefully marching to protest Australia Day, but as one of the initial speakers said, ‘it is fantastic to come out one day a year. But we need you every day’.

So what can the average person do about the atrocious life chances and rights abuses of Aboriginal peoples in Australia?

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