Thando live – Sunset sounds – City of Stonnington

park with peoples and songs in the trees

Thando live – Sunset sounds – City of Stonnington

Sunset Sounds was superb yesterday. We were lucky enough to nab a picnic spot, close enough to the stage, so that we could hear and see the band(s) very well. We saw two bands – The Meltdown and Thando. Both were really brilliant!

It was especially exciting to hear that Thando and her partner (the bassist(?)) have recently got married. It is funny, because Thando has a song on her set list about them being together for 7 years or something and him never popping the question. He must have finally done it!

It was an interesting gig for Thando because she usually sings quite raunchy songs, and she put a great deal of care into adapting them to a family audience befitting a picnic in the gardens in the City of Stonnington.

Her songs are incredibly beautiful and lush. Her band is so talented and she is so incredibly hot!! I guess it is soul music? I am not so clear on the genres, but she sings a song with Remi, called Numb. Maybe it is R n B. In any case, it is stunning.

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