An alien chemical fire – Back to the Start – Monarchy

Monarchy mid:night - blue background with pedestals, two figures holding spheres above a finger pointing and a small figure below in blue and grey

An alien chemical fire – Back to the Start – Monarchy

‘Back to the Start’ from Monarchy was released on video in the past few days. The first time I watched it, I considered it an insult of sorts to the girl (Celia Sastre). However, on second and subsequent viewings, I became interested in what Ra and Andrew were teaching this, obviously, alien girl about the world. I feel that there are so many lessons in the story for all of us. For me, personally, it reminds me of what is important to learn.

I was interested to note that both Andrew and Ra took dance classes for this clip. I really loved their dancing clips. It is true, that I have never seen Andrew dance before, and he communicated a different kind of aspect of his personality, with the tension in his muscle memory coming through. I really enjoyed watching it. Ra’s movements seemed a bit easier to me, but the three of them dancing together was fun. I was a bit shocked about the kind of hand signals displaying a kind of insult (it reminded me of one of those expletives), but what really cushioned that blow was the fact that ALL THREE were making these hand signs. Not one, not another, but all. Maybe we are all a little bit idiotic sometimes? The gentlest kind of insult, perhaps.

The triangle symbol, is something that I have associated with Monarchy implicitly, for some time hence, was beautiful in this video. It reminds me of the stars, the light, the twinkling glasses of crystal and something cutting perhaps. Three points of light, three lines.

Read more about the making of the video and the impressions of the artists in this article / interview from Metal.

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