Back to the Start – January 11th 2019 – Monarchy

monarchy back to the start - still from the video clip

Back to the Start – January 11th 2019 – Monarchy

I am super excited to spruik the upcoming single release from Monarchy! It looks so incredibly INTERESTING. From what I have seen so far, I love the tonal aspects of the blues they have used in the video clip, and it seems like a very visually interesting piece of work.

Not to mention the quality of the sounds that they released as a teaser today. Compelling sounds, as I have come to expect from this amazing band.

The video clip is directed by Mar:

DOP (Director of Photography?) is: Adri del Val:

The video clip features Celia Sastre:

What I am really looking forward to, is deciphering the imagery. As talented artists, I expect that there will be a rich world of symbols and meaning. As is life, through art, perhaps.

Although, perhaps even more rewarding than the visual imagery will likely be the content of the lyrics and the music. It will be great to learn the messages, embedded in the song through the words. I also expect that the tonal quality of the music will impress upon me a distinctive emotional impression.

Monarchy launches their album very soon. The 18th of January in fact! Then they are off on tour, first through the UK. You can find out more about the album and their tour on their webpage:

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