Hoorah hooray – New Year’s Eve 2019

lit stage with blue soft light for vika and linda bull's set

Hoorah hooray – New Year’s Eve 2019

What an evening! And what a beautiful way to ring in 2019!

I found myself back in Melbourne after quite a bit of consternation and tribulation. The IDEA was to stay on the coast and to keep helping, but my family really thought I should come back, and I was getting distressed by the prospect of a relatively tame New Year, so in the end, I booked a plane for the morning of New Year’s Eve.

Best decision of my life, the complete lack of sleep the night before notwithstanding (what was that about?). I arrived back into my beloved home town and got on one of my favourite buses with a happy and friendly bus driver and got home.

One and a half hours to get home!!

It was nice to get back, and remember my lovely little house as it is. It was also good to start my car and to get the battery turned over (phew!!), and to water my plants which were starting to feel a bit. . . tired.

I promptly went up the street to fill my belly and observe the ghost town that is Collingwood at the moment, and then got my supplies for the New Year.

It was nice to tell my friends that I was planning to come along to the gig tonight and we started to hatch a plan. I do love my friends, and I think that is the point. To spend time with the people you love.

facade of the Hotel Esplanade in the sun on New Year's Eve

We went to the (new) Espy first for drinks dinner. It was quite an adventure, as they have done an amazing job creating interesting spaces and interior design for a really incredible drinking and eating experience.

Then we went to the MEMO Music Hall and saw Cookin’ on 3 Burners, who were fabulous followed by Linda and Vika Bull, who were beautiful, fun, upbeat and talented.

cooking on three burners on stage at the memo music hall

What a lovely evening! To be with some of my closest friends and to get my second wind, and to finish off 2018 with a lovely tune, some hugs and the last bus home.

I would have like to stay up all night or kick on with my friends, but I was never going to be able to do that, and I knew that one more night of no sleep would tip me over the edge from wobbly and a bit insane, to perhaps fully psychotic and broken.

Best wishes to you all for 2019. It is going to be lit!!

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