Inner Nature – Melbourne Fringe Festival

Inner Nature – Melbourne Fringe Festival

There is something about seeing live theatre that is so incredibly rich and engaging. Last night I went to see Inner Nature at the Loop Bar Project Space. The play was written by: Ariel de Ramos Molina and performed by Elizabeth Howes, and was a really interesting exploration about the effect that technology is having on our lives, particularly our capacity to engage with environmental issues and the capacity to really CONNECT.

Art and nature outside of technology

The play contained some interesting art as part of its structure, two amazing poems, two performances of human movement in the form of dance, and two renditions of a beautiful song.

It was geared towards the purpose of raising awareness of the Bob Brown Foundation’s work in the Tarkine Forest in Tasmania.

A sense of the wilderness

I felt that the graphic imagery displayed on a screen behind the actors gave a lot of context to the performance, and really did give me the sense that for that brief hour or so, I was lost in a forest, with a camp fire and a pit toilet. It made me wonder how long it is since I have been camping, or spent any real time out in the forest. I do think they have a point. Technology sucks me up at least, and tethers me to my devices.

I am wondering if I could take my friend up on her invitation to go for a day trip to the mountains soon. I do think that time spent AWAY from technology is good for all of us, from teenagers, who might find that they engage more in self care behaviours to people like me, who are vulnerable to the availability of the internet. I think many of us are like that in some ways.

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