Saturday afternoon at the Museum

blue skies - exhibition building and silhouette museum

Saturday afternoon at the Museum

It is really nice to have a Saturday night at home for a change, and just cook and drink wine and listen to nice music. I am making a mini herbed roast lamb, and it is fun.

I went to the Melbourne Museum this afternoon. It is definitely worth doing. They have some amazing exhibits. We went for the Bush Mechanics exhibition, but stayed for the history of Melbourne and also some exhibits from the Pacific.

pacific artSome of the exhibits made me draw breath, like the necklace made out of beetle legs, resplendent and iridescent in the light, and the cap that was given to someone (a man, typically), who had accomplished himself through homicide.

There were nicer things. An advertisement for an exhibition of ‘Everything Electrical’ with electric kettles and refrigerators. A gramophone, which we could wind up and hear samples of beautiful music. It really is amazing, just how far we have come technologically, in such a short period of time.

My favourite was probably stepping inside the houses in the laneways of Lonsdale Street in the early 1900’s. People were so much smaller, and they lived in the dark, but this is the history of this beautiful city.

There was only so much I could take in, at an afternoon at the Museum. It felt like those herbal nootropics were having a lingering effect. But I want to go back. It is the perfect thing to do on a cruisey Saturday.

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