Triennial – NGV – 100 artists – 32 countries

foyer green sculpture ngv triennial

Triennial – NGV – 100 artists – 32 countries

It was nice to go to the Triennial at the NGV yesterday. I was lucky to catch it before it closed. And I didn’t see ALL of it, because it was a pretty huge exhibition, and I had shit to do, but it was still a really nice cultural experience. I loved it.

The NGV is so nice, because at their entrance is this huge glass wall, with water running down it, and you can see the art in the foyer beyond the water. It is a really nice, permanent installation of interior design and I like it.

Inside the foyer was a great sculpture, that people could move inside and sit inside (pictured).

I had lots of favourite art works, I think I have documented these elsewhere. The room with mirrors and blue video, light art was the best for sure. It just felt so peaceful and serene. I wish I had’ve thought to take a video of how it felt to be in that room. It was lovely.

Sunday morning is a nice time for an art gallery. There is something so wholesome about filling up on creativity for an hour or so.

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