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Monthly Archives: November 2019


The cool change on a lovely Saturday morning

By | November 2nd, 2019|weather|

Melbourne weather is something else. Yesterday evening, the heat was so incredibly oppressive. It was only 35 degrees I think, but walking home after dinner, it felt like a late summer February evening not an early November evening. I was half awake when the cool change started late last night. That is the beauty of [...]

The Noble Experiment for wine and tunes

By | November 1st, 2019|bars and restaurants, music|

It is a new world. Always a new world! Not so much fun writing on my iPad, but maybe it slows things down...increases awareness. This is all for another post in a different universe. For now, I am...ahem, writing a review of an old favourite haunt in my neighbourhood. I think The Noble Experiment has [...]