Sydney Road Street Party – Brunswick Music Festival

street revellers on sydney road

Sydney Road Street Party – Brunswick Music Festival

It was one of those summer days when it is advisable to stay indoors. The heat – aye, aye, aye. I was worried about going out in it after lunch to meet Miss Party Pants and friends for the Sydney Road Street Party. It actually started to cool down a little after lunch and the 34 degrees did not really feel all that sickening in the end. The clouds were in the sky, and in my imagination I can even remember a cool breeze, but this is just wishful optimism!

On the day, we were talking about how nice it would be if there were sprinklers installed in the sky above the street to pump cool water mist into the air above our hot faces. I actually expressed a wish that we could just control the weather and make it rain. Miss Party Pants, being the engineer that she is, said that maybe we could, but we really wouldn’t want to. I didn’t probe as to why this might be the case, but perhaps that is for the best.

Sydney Road was filled with all manner of stages for music, musicians and artists set up on the footpaths, food stalls, craft and clothing stalls and little enclosed spaces for drinking alcoholic beverages. Our first stop after meeting was a stall that was selling huge chunks of watermelon. There really was nothing more refreshing than the watery juice of watermelon, walking along and taking in the sights of the happenings of the Brunswick Music Festival.

My favourite parts of the afternoon was the African DJ playing the most intensely luscious and rich beats, nearby a traditional African food stall, some of the bands in side streets, exploring a local musical instrument shop, and splashing in the overflow of the Council provided cool water hydrants.

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