Strata Inc – North of Eight – The Burrow

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Strata Inc – North of Eight – The Burrow

Strata Inc was such a fantastic piece of theatre. It was produced by the North of Eight Theatre company and played in the Burrow Theatre in Fitzroy.

We were there a bit early. After an interesting dinner at nearby Ich Ni Nana a Japanese restaurant, we rocked up to the Burrow to find the door locked. We knocked and peered, until a gentleman walking by suggested that we try the laneway out back.

We went there, but found nothing. It was completely closed. ‘Are we going mad?’ Until I suddenly recalled that I had looked at the website and Thursday was the opening night.

Mistress Butterfly checked and sure enough, we were a day early. So we trekked back the next evening and it was surely worth it. What an amazing and compelling piece of theatre. I absolutely loved it.

The plot explored the relationships and both family and work dynamics of a recently dethroned financial investment company. The son of the recently deceased CEO was preparing for his inauguration. He was the heir to this inheritance, until his feminist, activist sister turns up and attempts to claim her place as CEO.

The dialogue is rich and compelling. The acting is brilliant and the characters so interesting. If I could change one thing about Strata Inc. it would be the ending. Without ruining the ending I would suggest that the play was so dynamic in the interweaving relationships. It was as shame to break that dynamic at the end.

Prepare to be delighted, entertained and surprised by Strata Inc from North of Eight.

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