northern hemisphere winter solstice song

winter song - sara bareilles and ingrid michealson

northern hemisphere winter solstice song

Even though I am currently writing from Australia, where it is summer (albeit, a cool La Nina summer so far), the northern hemisphere is in the middle of winter. And so for those in the north, the world has a different ambience to it. It is not the sun umbrellas and outdoor partying that is currently happening in Melbourne. It is more cosy, and staying indoors with mulled wine. Or trekking in the snow drifts. Or having snow ball fights! The celebrations of the northern hemisphere winter solstice are in full swing! Here is my ode to winter.

Northern hemisphere winter solstice celebrations

For Asia, North America, Europe, the top of Africa and some of South America, the solstice that just passed, that is traditionally marked by celebrating Christmas (or thereabouts), is the time when the days start getting longer again and the nights are getting shorter. So, for those places in the world, the Earth is slowly moving closer to the sun for another year. Hooray!

Winter solstice covid style – 2021

This winter solstice, on December 21st is even more poignant for so many people in the northern hemisphere due to lockdowns in response to our ongoing COVID-19 situation. In the United Kingdom strict stay at home orders have just been issued for a third lockdown to try and relieve the pressures on their hospital systems. The UK has been hit with around 50,000 new cases per day in the last week, and 400 deaths per day so far. I believe that over 75,000 people have died there, so it is really a huge issue. And in the US, with their nearly 200,000 new cases and over 350,000 deaths, we are really in the dark of winter.

For now, my gift to all those in the northern hemisphere is a song. A winter song!

If you are lucky, the official video might be available in your country! (It is not available in Australia)
Or on Spotify:

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I wanted to send LOVE to you all today, to say that we are thinking of you, and I am so hopeful that we will get through this.

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