NGV high tea – send off to queen elizabeth ii

NGV High Tea

NGV high tea – send off to queen elizabeth ii

It seemed fitting to partake in High Tea on the National Day of Mourning for the Queen of England. (Although part of me was also protesting in the street with Indigenous Australians). We took High Tea at the NGV. And it was a bit of a treat! The best thing about the NGV High Tea was the service and the company. The finger sandwiches were nice too!

Our four-day long weekend started with a beautiful day. We were treated to sunshine streaming through the windows when we woke up on this Thursday public holiday. Tomorrow is Grand Final Friday, so Melbourne definitely has its party shoes on!

And spring is in the air. But without so much hay fever this year, which is a nice change.

I was able to reschedule my student feedback meeting so that I could join the rest of the Culture Vultures at the NGV High Tea.

Meow was telling us a lot about Chinese history, and others were discussing the time in history when you could get into a car and drive no matter how many beverages you had consumed. We talked about the sacking of the Gough Whitlam government and a wine collection with pieces in it from 1932 and some others signed by Bob Hawke!

I really enjoyed the first glass of sparkling wine. It brought a festive and fun atmosphere to my afternoon, so I ordered another. Such a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

The food served at the NGV High Tea was pretty tasty, but the most common complaints from my companions were that there was no pomp in the presentation – they were hoping for beautiful crockery, and we were served on plain white plates. Also, it seemed like the food had been mass-produced somewhere off-site, and so it didn’t really feel too authentic. It was tasty though! The sandwiches and the scones were the best I thought – such a delectable array of different flavours. And the scones were of excellent quality.

It was a lovely afternoon, well spent.

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