New life, new music Friday

New life, new music Friday

It is so refreshing to give the music that I listen to out in the world a big update. It bothered me from time to time, but last night I started listing the albums I don’t want to hear on shuffle any more. When I got home, I delved into my library of music, on an external hard drive and completely refreshed my phone.

A lot of what is on here now are songs from when I was just finding independence in the world and developing a love of electronic music. It is so fresh and evocative to listen to it now, after all this time.

There are some favourites that never seem to get old and I didn’t delete like the Dresden Dolls, Seth Sentry, The Cat Empire and some of my favourite soulful female artists like India Arie and Alicia Keys. But a lot of stuff that I do still love, I just need a break from is gone. Including most of the albums that gave me such a buzz during my first year in Melbourne in 2005.

Somethings needed to be double deleted. I don’t want any reference to the past history of Super Mouse. It can be too painful unless it is deliberately switched on.

There are a lot of standout moments so far, but I will add a song that is fit for a lovely Friday afternoon. Josh Abrahams – Addicted to Bass

It is funny. Some of the most talented artists who stand the test of time, didn’t make it big. It is kind of surprising. I guess it takes a certain personality and motivation to PUSH into that scene.

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