Music of the generations – 80s and 90s

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Music of the generations – 80s and 90s

One thing that really interests me lately, is the different experiences of growing up in different decades, particularly in Australia. Initially, I am framing this through the music that was popular in each decade.

It is so interesting to really delve into 80s music, and observe how those songs make me feel. It makes sense to then progress to the 90s. It is so interesting to make some comparisons.

80s music seems to be a bit electronic. I am thinking of artists like the Eurythmics, Prince, David Bowie and a whole heap of one hit wonders that capitalised on that synth kind of upbeat music.

The 90s seem to incorporate more rock kind of elements, it seems like more guitars are used and there is an acoustic quality to many of the songs. Of course there was that wave of Seattle Rock, maybe, which was just full on rock, but I think there was another stream in the 90s of RNB, and also some of these really corny pop songs, as well as some that completely hit the mark.

I am interested in this, because I think it can help to frame your attitude to the world and the music that you like later in life. The decade of music which was your first experience in music, lays the foundation for your preferences and aesthetics, perhaps?

I am wondering if, that might be the case that in the late 90s and early 2000’s at least in my little world, there was a big experimental electronica movement. I am wondering if the people who grew up listening to 80s music with all those synths went on to start to really explore electronica, when they grew up.

Of course, the influence of developing technologies would have allowed this exploration to occur. It is interesting.

And what did the children of the 90s do when they came of age and started to make music? There seems to be so much more fusion these days with crossovers with electro and rock and also hip hop sometimes.

It is interesting too, to think about the people who were adults in the 90s. You can kind of see the grit that rubbed off on them. Recreational music seemed to involve pub rock in a way.

After an initial effort, I like listening to 90s music. It doesn’t press as many sensory buttons as 80s music, but it is interesting from a more intellectual, sociological point of view.

What is your experience with music growing up?

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