Lantern Lounge for dumpling soup in Collingwood

Lantern Lounge for dumpling soup in Collingwood

New website! Who dis?

It is exciting to write my first post on this newly designed home of arts and culture. Let’s begin with a celebration lunch. Where CAN you get dumpling soup for lunch on a winter afternoon in Collingwood?

The Lantern Lounge located just south of Coles on Smith Street has come up with the goods before. I once stopped here because it had just what I was craving and that Vietnamese pancake was so amazing. The best value vegetarian food I have had in a long time.

Today, I am craving dumplings, specifically dumpling soup and although it is a little more expensive than I would usually pay for lunch, this is a celebration and after a long hunt, of closed for lunch or unsatisfactory lunch offerings for this particular craving, I figure it is best not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

The soup was delicious. They make some amazing food here. The only thing I would have changed is to offer a vegetarian version as the meat dumplings turned my stomach a little bit. Meat seems to do that after a while of eating vegetarian. Mushroom dumplings instead of pork would have been amazing.

It was the most amazing warming, winter soup though. The cold has finally arrived in Melbourne. About time! It is nearly May!

Do you ever get the sense that winter is a good time to start fresh? I definitely do. Here’s to new beginnings. In any case, it is nice to be cosy in this little indoor/ outdoor terrace on Smith Street.

The Lantern Lounge feels like the perfect place to kick back with some cocktails. It is definitely set up as a great quaffing bar with happy hours and specials.

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