Furnace and the Fundamentals – unexpectedly brilliant

furnace and the fundamentals

Furnace and the Fundamentals – unexpectedly brilliant

I must admit that when Mistress Butterfly messaged me this afternoon to offer me a free ticket to Furnace and the Fundamentals at Max Watts in Melbourne City, I was a little hesitant at first. To be honest, I had seen that she was going but felt that $47 a ticket was a bit steep for something like that. And then considered not going, even with a free ticket, due to the fact that I am not generally a fan of ‘cover bands’.

This would have been a big mistake. They put on a fantastic evening of entertainment. I loved it.

The only thing I would suggest is to take some earplugs, because the music is LOUD, and unremittingly so. It will probably damage my ears. So, do yourself a favour and take earplugs.

Their show is quite long – almost 2 hours – for their set. But it does make it feel like good value. And boy did the audience enjoy themselves. We did too, although we had seats, so we weren’t dancing, and that probably would have been a lot of fun. It was good to just hang back and watch the spectacle unfold though.

It will actually be a complete miracle if we didn’t get COVID at the Furnace and the Fundamentals gig.

Their music is really high energy and a lot of fun. It felt like there is someone extremely talented designing the soundtrack and indeed the visuals. Whether that is Furnace himself, or whether they have some kind of director, I am not sure. But it really is a wave of super fun, feel-good music.

Recommended if you get the chance. Take friends who like to dance, and probably pre-load.

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