Exquisite local toasted sandwiches and coffee

cafe, coffee and toasted sandwiches in collingwood

Exquisite local toasted sandwiches and coffee

I wrote a post sometime last year about a pub in my neighbourhood closing down last year. The previous owners had the pub for over 20 years and I believe the new proprietor bought it for 3 million Australian dollars (or 10 million!!? – I am not sure)!!!!

He didn’t seem to make a go of it, although my neighbours and I visited for dinner once and had an incredible meal. It seemed like the wine was cheap. I only went back once. I wanted to go back, but the music was kind of crappy and as I said, the wine was cheap.

A new organisation has opened up recently in the atrium of this beautiful old pub. They are selling toasted sandwiches, which are beyond divine (but a complete mess for my lactose intolerance – today I am doing it anyway).

These guys started up in this venue after breaking their lease in a shop in West Melbourne during the vivid-19 shutdowns. They really know what they are doing. I think their business model is sound. Along with toasted sandwiches they sell take away coffee, bottled wine, crisps, bakery and cake treats, beer, coffee and chocolate!

sandwiches, drinks and bakery goods

It is such an amazing asset in our little neighbourhood!

There is always a huge queue of people outside and waiting for their delicious sandwiches, and they only opened on Monday!

It is exciting to have a new cafe in the hood. And the best news? They are taking over the pub too! It might become a really fun local drinking spot!

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