Enter the dragon – White Night Melbourne

white night melbourne dragon fire light art

Enter the dragon – White Night Melbourne

I am at the Melbourne Museum and I got my cup of tea. It is very refreshing. White Night tuckers me out every time! It is something about the lights, the crowds, the walking.

I am supposed to be meeting some friends, but I think I am done. And what a finale! I am sitting nearby the museum with a view of a long tailed dragon made out of metal segments that emit fire. The head is a bit larger and moves around a bit. It just doodles along with the occasional bust of flames, until just recently it completely came to life and emitted huge bursts of pink flames.

The crowd cheered. It was warm, even here, 25 or so metres away, and completely unexpected! It delighted my soul because it felt so alive and animate.

This went on for a while and then it went back to the default position and people wander by.

I am going to take in one more piece of art and then head for home. Such a beautiful night. White Night. Amazing!

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