Cocktails and dancing at the Spice Market – Melbourne city

people congregating at spice market

Cocktails and dancing at the Spice Market – Melbourne city

How long since you have been out to a nightclub for cocktails and dancing? 2019 seems to be the year that I continually surprise myself, because I absolutely loved our evening at the Spice Market in Melbourne last night. It might have been the three mojitos speaking, but I think that maybe there is nothing more joyful than moving my body in a room full of people who are all dancing and having fun.

Spice Market is a nightclub located on Beany Lane, just off Russell Street in Melbourne city. The interior design is a Middle-Eastern decor, including a beautiful marble floor, sumptuous purple, red and blue lighting and bazaar type booths, with lush cushions and seating for VIPs or people who pay to inhabit them for the evening.

Spice Market is celebrating 10 years this year, and they certainly know how to throw a fun party. There is something very warming about $10 cocktails before 9 pm, to get a group of girls in a good mood. I drank mojitos, and apart from the sugar, they were absolutely luscious.

The bar started filling up around 10 pm, and then we got up to dance. The music was pretty fun. Mostly popular music from the Top 40 across the decade, but some from earlier. It was great to hear Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy and even more fun to dance to this song, and they played Macklemore’s Thrift Shop twice, and that was fun to dance to.

The room got increasingly more warm and toasty. People moved to the podium in the centre of the room to dance on stage.

Spice Market is definitely a fun night with the right group of people and especially if you get there early enough to kick the night off with a very toasty and fun few cocktails. I think that hiring a booth for the evening would be even more luxurious and fun. Something to do for a birthday party perhaps with a nice, fun group of people.

What fun!

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