It has only been 20 years since I found out about it, but it was good to finally see Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders. It was the closing night film of the German Film Festival and I absolutely loved it.

I felt that it was so incredibly exhilarating to get a birds eye view of what it means to be human. My lecturers were right I think, when they referred to it in one of my favourite sociology classes. It explores mindfulness and also human connection and communication.

I feel like my senses are so alive tonight, after watching this beautiful film.

As filming took place in 1986/7 the media was all analog tape. Previous attempts to restore the film to digital were sixth generation copies, until it was digitally restored in 2017 frame by frame. Huge job, but the quality was exquisite.

So happy to finally see it. It was worth the wait.

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