I guess I will have to wait until next season to really know for sure, but at this point in my timeline, I think I am going to support the Richmond Football Club in the AFL.

I feel like I found them out there in the world, and they are still a part of the City of Yarra, which is my Local Government Area. Also, their colours are yellow and black, which suits me a lot!

It would make more sense if I barracked for Collingwood, I guess, as many refugees to Melbourne do follow this team, but I don’t know, it just feels a bit parochial in a way. . . live in Collingwood, work in Collingwood, play in Collingwood, barrack for Collingwood??!? I am not so sure.

Last weekend Collingwood did play Richmond in the finals, and I really wanted to watch this game, because I am curious to know what it is like to watch a game of football. It was hard to find a place to watch it on my computer, and when I walked to the pub, I was too shy to go in and sit with a glass of wine and watch it on my own. So, I did not watch, and Collingwood won – God love them 🙂 Hehe. I suppose I will always be quite happy if Collingwood win. Perhaps they are my second team 🙂

It is fun to finally start to feel like I want to get into this after just over three years living in Melbourne. Melbourne will groom me eventually. First culture, then clothes, then football!! Hehe. It was only a matter of time before I got caught up in the fever.

So, Collingwood!! In the Grand Final this weekend 🙂

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