Was so happy to turn the radio up on Monday. It was perfect timing because Triple J is currently open for voting in 2018’s Hottest 100. I can’t wait to hear it. I love listening to it every year, because it always opens my mind to new music that I have not heard before, or was not aware of.

The voting form is so fun this year, and I have a shortlist of about 108 songs that I am now working my way through to the final 10 votes. It is tough, and I am going to have to schedule time to do this each day. I am only up to the letter J so far, and voting closes on Tuesday morning at 9 am. I don’t want to skip over any of the songs that I added to the shortlist.

Some of them are easier, the songs that I found myself and loved this year, but it has been a big year for Hip Hop, and there are so many new artists that I am finding already! My overall impression is that almost everything on the list (on my list at least), is GOLD. Music is growing and developing along with the world.

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